I’m just an average woman who loves books (especially YA books) more than the average Joe – in fact, I’m so super passionate about reading that the thought of being able to share my love with you makes me squeal like a school girl. If you feel the need to know more than that about me, read below!

Jenna DeTrapani
Blog Owner / Reviewer

Obviously I like to read. But I’m also proud to be a momma to one very wacky little wanna-be princess. She is, as most moms would say about their children, “my magnum opus”. I am a wife, an artist, a writer and an avid reader of anything I can get my sticky fingers on. I am also a collector of all things odd. (Belly button lint teddy bears, anyone?) My other full-time job involves “making things pretty” for a non-profit association in the adaptive automotive mobility industry. I currently reside in the state that is home to “The Happiest Place on Earth”. Jenna can be reached by email here.

Like most bloggers I opened this site to share my love of reading, to have some outlet to release all my pent-up excitement about books, and to be able to ramble on (as I often tend to do) to the wonderful people on the web instead of to the blank staring (trying-to-pretend-he-cares) face of my “non-reader” husband. Thank y’all for following along and giving me this outlet!



Margaret is Jenna’s mom and fellow YA book addict. Her goals in life are to meet as many authors as possible, perhaps own a coffee shop/bookstore with her husband and and to stay young while reading. For now she simply volunteers at her local independent book store in the Pacific Northwest. Her home library could easily be used to stock an entire bookstore, if needed.

She contributes to the blog as a “Grandmother Who Reads Books for Teens” and is proof that YA is for all ages. Margaret can be reached by email here.